4 Good Reasons To Get Good Sleep

Sleep is often an underestimated factor in living a healthy life. Getting a good sleep each day may be more beneficial than you might think- it gives your body, mind and overall well-being a reboot and much, much more. Here are 4 reasons why a good sleep is very important:

1. A Good Sleep Makes You More Attractive

Sleeping is the most natural way to look good. Your skin, hair and eyes are all affected in a good way by getting a good rest every now and then. Baggy eyes that can make a person instantly look 5 years older will vanish as the skin cells repair and rejuvenate. Wrinkles and facial muscles that create lines are relaxed, the bodies’ growth hormone is at its busiest fixing hair and skin damage and making it look better when you wake up. Melatonin hormones are produced and they provide further skin protection with their natural anti-oxidant properties. A good sleep also helps you lose weight and keep your body in optimal shape and size. Lack of sleep affects the bodies’ metabolism, slowing it down and making you susceptible to weight gain.

2. A Good Sleep Gives Your Brain a Boost

You may think that sleeping only gives us dreams, but it provides more than that. Memory consolidation occurs when we sleep, and this process categorizes, sorts, and files away to our mental storage the day’s events, memories and feelings. REM sleep absorbs all the information that you have learned and makes it easier to access whenever you may need it. Concentration is also at its best and you will be able to perform the day’s tasks and work better and more efficiently. Sleeping improves your mood and cognitive functions, your ability to focus and decision-making skills. It wards off the feeling of being lethargic, having a fuzzy brain and being easily confused throughout the day.

3. A Good Sleep Relieves Stress and Helps with Depression

Lack of sleep can hamper our efforts and the body in so many ways. When you are tired and lack sleep, stress is accumulated faster and the body goes on high alert- blood pressure rises and stress hormones are active. Sleeping is nature’s way of calming you down and increasing the blood supply to where it is needed. It also restores the bodies’ physical health and functions to prepare it for another day. Not surprisingly, sleeping also alleviates depression since it assists with bringing up our overall well-being. Anxiety is reduced, emotional stability is improved because the hormone Serotonin is introduced into your system while you sleep. Serotonin is mainly responsible for making you think and feel good.

4. A Good Sleep Helps Your Immune System and Makes You Live Longer

Believe it or not, sleeping is a signal to start the necessary repairs and fixing the damage your body has accumulated during the day. The immune system is no exception- the modulators increase activity while you sleep, giving the body better defenses and making it stronger to fight infections and viruses that may attack your health. A notable lack of sleep can suppress the immune system and hold it back against defenses. Research shows that getting at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep a day can lessen the chance of you getting the common cold. When you see the many benefits and good things that a good sleep can provide, having an improved life physically, mentally and emotionally is not far from your reach if you are getting adequate sleep each day. Once all aspects of your life are improved, it naturally follows that you will live longer and be more productive day in and day out.

The best way to guarantee a good sleep is to have a proper mattress. There are many different types of mattress from spring, memory foam and gel mattress to name a few.  Mattress toppers are a great alternative to buying a new mattress if you are looking to save some money.  In the end, it comes down to what makes you the most comfortable.

Truth About Backyard Chicken Coop Ideas

A backyard chicken coop is a building in which female chickens are kept. Inside the coop, there are nest boxes where the hens lay eggs. A backyard coop is normally enclosed within a fenced area. This creates a larger and natural living environment for the chickens.

premiumchickencooopSome coops may be built along with an outdoor run. Loose materials such as wood chips or straw are placed both in the inside and outside floors of the coop to deal with the dropping and to make cleaning easy. The coops are also fitted with means of ventilation to air out any smells.

The area within which a chicken coop is enclosed gives them the freedom to roam freely. They are also able to hunt and peck for insects. These backyard coops are mobile and floorless; they hold small flocks of chickens. Chicken coops are mainly found in rural areas where people desire to keep chickens from which they harvest eggs and meat.

The coops are also becoming popular in urban areas as they occupy a small space. As a result, ready-made coops are being sold. These are suitable for cramped spaces and are easy to keep tidy. Building a backyard chicken coop is one of the greatest investments you can ever make at your home. So long as your residential area allows chickens, there is no reason why you should not rear a few.

Designate a space where you will build your chicken coop. An area of about 2-3 square feet per chicken is sufficient. Once you have designated the area, build a simple structure. An online search can give you several designs from which you can choose.

You can also raise a simple structure on cinder blocks. Add a roost one foot off the floor. Place a layer of pine shavings or straw on the floor. To access the eggs, improvise an access point on the roof or build a small window. After building the coop, construct a run or a pen for the chickens where they can roam freely and feed on worms, bugs, insects and minerals. The pen will also help keep out any unwanted predators.
If you are going to keep chickens that are heavy and large, they are unlikely to fly. The pen can therefore be constructed using wooden posts and chicken wire. If you will mix large chickens with small ones, the pen should be closed in netted or wired roof.

Once the pen is ready, put a feeder and a fresh water source for the chickens. Line it with pine shavings or straw for bedding. Stock food on the feeder and bring all the household food waste to the chickens instead of throwing it in the garbage pit.

Once your backyard chicken coop is ready, pay attention to it for any improvements and repairs it may need. Check the chickens often to ensure they have food and water at all times. The coop will supply you and your family with cheap meat and eggs for a long time.

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